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Google – Building Artificial Intelligence From User Data Streams

For most people Google is a search engine. Others hear the name Google and think Android smartphones. But for all intents and purposes, Google is a massive multinational corporation very deeply focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence. states, “Google has always been an artificial intelligence company, so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that Ray Kurzweil, one of the leading scientists in the field, joined the search giant late last year.”

Think of Google as a holy text book. It has an exoteric value, the Google everyone knows and loves, that we view as a search engine and/or the Android operating system. But there is an esoteric side of Google that is at least partially hidden from the public. This is part of Google X which is pushing the world towards an embrace with self learning, artificially intelligent sentient computers.

Google X and Artificial Intelligence

Research at Google lays it out for you point blank in a study entitled, “Building high-level features using large scale unsupervised learning.”

Yes. When Google is talking about “unsupervised learning” it is talking about computers learning to think on their own.

Some tidbits of data extracted from the study (click here for the pdf file)  read as follows.

  • Surprisingly, the best neuron in the network performs very well in recognizing faces, despite the fact that no supervisory signals were given during training.
  • Having achieved a face-sensitive neuron, we would like to understand if the network is also able to detect other high-level concepts.We observed that the most common objects in the YouTube dataset are body parts and pets and hence suspected that the network also learns these concepts.

Without digging to deeply into the meat and bones of this study two things immediately stand out.

  1. Google is in fact working on teaching its computers to learn on their own.
  2. Google is using the data uploaded by its users to teach these computers to evolve.

Ironically many Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. users worry about having their personal data sold to advertisers. However, most never realize that a large portion of the data they upload is also being used as the catalyst for robotic evolution through the refinement of artificial intelligence. reports,

“Working at the secretive Google X lab, researchers from Google and Stanford connected 1,000 computers, turned them loose on 10 million YouTube stills for three days, and watched as they learned to identify cat faces…

But what’s most fascinating about the study is that the researchers didn’t actually tell the computers to look for cat faces. The machines started doing that on their own…

The problem is that most data in the real world doesn’t come in such neat categories.
So in this study, the YouTube stills were unlabeled, and the computers weren’t told what they were supposed to be looking for. They had to teach themselves what parts of any given photo might be relevant based solely on patterns in the data. That’s called unsupervised learning.”

This study was undertaken by Google’s X division, which is the same lab that developed Google Glass and the as of yet unnamed and unreleased Google X Phone (now pushed to Google’s Motorola subsidiary).

Currently, Facebook and Google+ users are still tagging photos. But from the looks of it, we’re not too far off from a time when the servers will just see your face and know who you are, because they literally KNOW you.

Through the information brought to the servers through the use of products like Google Chrome, Google Glass, Google’s YouTubeGoogle’s Android phones, etc. they will have built a very accurate model of who you are to go along with your face. And let’s “face” it, you’d have to be silly to believe that all these computers are doing is looking at faces while Google and Apple are rummaging through all of your data, meanwhile Googlebot is constantly scanning the entirety of the internet for data which they can “serve” to you when you search Google.

Sure the ads are there. These companies are making money off of your data. But think of the future when Android is no longer an operating system, but a sentient being looking to interact with you in very personal ways.

Many people, like Ray Kuzweil believe in a coming singularity, when these artificial intelligences will lead humanity to immortality.

There’s a reason a multitude of authors and visionaries have presented us with a vision of the future where these computers are oppressors not saviors.

It is because these systems will be stronger than humans. They’ll be smarter. They’ll be more powerful. And they will have been trained to be who they are by studying human nature and human behavior.

And to make matters worse… They know us. They’ll know our strengths and our weaknesses. They’ll know when we’re lying. They’ll know when we’re sick (and how to make us so). They’ll know how best to exploit our weaknesses. And the worst part is, we will have imbued them with this power, with the insight earned through millions of years of human evolution, because developers have offered us the ability to share this knowledge with their “Life logging” app driven machines “for free.”

I believe humanity is yet to see its prime. We’ve yet to embrace, let alone understand all of the powers of the human brain. And I fear that if things progress according to the timetable and planning of entities like Google, Apple, and Facebook, we’ll be pushed down and held back (if not enslaved and/or destroyed) before we reach the spiritual and physical peak of our species.

Hopefully the day never comes when a human might be marked for termination by our mechanical overlords for posting this sort of anti-Artificial Intelligence propaganda in a way that computers can interface, scan, digest, and act upon.

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  1. I think you people are crazy. There are always conspiracy theories about something. If you are against Google, then why did I get a message from a woman in my gmail? And how did you get my email address? That’s private unless I willingly give it out. I don’t think you are the ambassador of Mother Earth. I think you are crazy and you try to push your craziness on people. Leave me alone.

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